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Reflections of Empowerment

Prostate cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in American men. As the baby boom generation matures, more men will be diagnosed with this disease. Much of the US population is not adequately informed about the risk of getting the disease or the array of quality treatment available. Patients and family members, during the period of a new cancer diagnosis, or the report of disease progression, are often driven to search out and find a connection and/or information from others who have coped with a similar situation.

Because of the importance of personal credibility in associating with someone else who is experiencing, or has experienced, the same situations and need for decisions, The Prostate Net has launched its Reflections of Empowerment initiative, a series of interviews between trusted doctors and their patients, that will address all available treatment possibilities from active surveillance, to radiation and chemotherapy, hormonal treatment to clinical trials, complementary medicine and palliative care. We will not only look at the physiological implications of the disease but also the psychological effects on the individuals and families affected as well. A significant other will accompany most patients as the disease process affects the family and an individual's entire support system.

Our project goal is to assist patients make the best-informed healthcare decisions regarding their disease. Not only will Reflections of Empowerment provide clinical guidance for patients and their doctors, it is also expected that our first hand stories from survivors of prostate cancer will bolster hope, inspire confidence, enable perseverance, and promote empowerment among prostate cancer patients and their loved ones.

Personal Reflections and Empowered Decisions

Active Surveillance

View the personal conversations with Charlotte and Alan Hiller, and Dr. David Shin, on how they confronted a diagnosis of prostate cancer and their choice of active surveillance as their desired therapy.

Charlotte and Alan Hiller Dr. David Shin
Hackensack University Medical Center

To see Alan and Charlotte's story, click here.

Proton Beam Radiation Therapy

When faced with the decision of how to treat the diagnosis of prostate cancer Zelda and Victor Lawson made a choice of proton beam radiotherapy. View their conversation on the process by clicking here.

Zelda and Victor Lawson Dr. Henry Tsai,
ProCure Proton Therapy Center

Participating in Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are medical research studies conducted with patients who volunteer to participate in investigations designed to evaluate new treatments - which can include drugs, surgical techniques, radiation therapies - or combinations of therapies. The "pros" and "cons" of joining a clinical trial vary from study to study, and from patient to patient.

Specific information on the full spectrum of clinical trials can be seen at:

In this story of "Reflections of Empowerment" we will meet Jerry and Senorita Jackson who tell us about their journey with prostate cancer from diagnosis through treatment and today, thanks to their participation in an investigational drug study, are living with cancer.

To see Jerry and Senorita's story, click here.

Senorita and Jerry Jackson Dr. Elisabeth Heath

The Choice for Integrative Medicine......

Guy Clemente, facing a diagnosis of prostate cancer, decided on an alternative medicine therapy with the help of Dr. Geo Espinosa, Director of the Integrative Urology Center at NYU Langone Medical Center.

In his story Guy talks about decisions he needed to make not only as to choice of treatment options, but also about the lifestyle alterations he saw as necessary.

Click here to review Guy's Story

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The Prostate Net Help Lines

In many cases you will want to reach out for a personal input to aid in your information search. We provide a team of survivor counselors who can provide help in your decision-making; you can request their assistance by:


Patient Support Organizations

Research has shown that men, and their caregivers, who participate in patient support groups have a definite survival advantage versus those who do not. We have provided here information on those organizations whose missions serve to provide personal interaction and encouragement in the fight against this disease.


In this emerging technological world, information is flowing from a variety of sources that offer interactive communication (Blogs) that may be of benefit to you. A cautionary note should be taken in these forums that you contact your doctor before acting on any such information received. Some of the available forums are as follows:

KevinMD Medical Weblog - A site maintained by Dr. Kevin Pho to provide provocative physician commentary on breaking medical news.

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